What we do

Through our policy of bringing close personal attention to individual client requirements, and our thorough appraisal of relevant details, we aim to develop a mutual trust and belief that will deliver results.

We believe in a One-to-One basis of working with Clients. We seek a face-to-face relationship, bringing the personal touch to our contacts, so we can assess you and your needs in an open and direct way. If we know you and you know us, trust and mutual respect can form the core of our working partnership.

Our wide network of associates and contacts, built up over years of experience and involvement in business, across Scotland and the United Kingdom, allows us to explore opportunities and make effective proposals to suit a wide range of client needs.


Conference Organising

We undertake to manage your Conference bringing a style and inspiration that fulfils your and your delegates’ expectations to provide a memorable occasion and a satisfying outcome. We like to work closely with you and your team, to create the event you want.
Our service is competitively priced to cover all the following aspects and more, as necessary :

  • Venue Selection
  • Budget management
  • Design, staging and production
  • Branding, theming and venue preparation
  • Delegate management
  • Travel, accommodation and logistics
  • Catering and entertainment

Whether your event is large or small – formal or informal, we are delighted to talk through details with you and arrive at the format best suited to you.

To arrange an informal meeting for preliminary discussions please contact us below.

Political Lobbying and Analysis

Our active involvement in campaigning, representing and recording during key political stages within Scottish and UK politics over the past decade has allowed us to secure a strong foothold in the sector.

We have a close network of support, through media, social media, advisory groups, personal contacts and commentators through which we can analyse current trends and address issues allowing us to undertake :

  • Advocacy
  • Representation
  • Interest group assessment
  • Consultation
  • Data preparation and analysis
  • Commentary

For a greater in-depth discussion on the above and any other aspects of political work, which we can offer to you, please contact :

Business Introductions and Facilitation

Our experience in dealing with business clients and understanding their needs and requirements for future development and exploration
underpins our initiative of providing valuable introductions together with thorough and reliable facilitation to help achieve the best possible outcome through the following means :

  • Market identification
  • Company profiling
  • Personal introductions
  • Feasibility and Appraisal study
  • Monitoring and feedback

PR and Promotion

Our marketing and networking experience together with the broad scope of our work within commercial, political and social environments allows us to offer a Public Relations and Promotional service that will deliver the right message about you and your organisation.

Event planning

Market analysis

Networking introductions

Personal Skill development

How can we help you and your business?


Namaste Property

Namaste Property is the trading name for the Property Services provided by The NAMASTE PARTNERSHIP Ltd.

Namaste Property has evolved as a result of the increased volume of demand for top-level development sites, embracing commercial, residential, and leisure sectors, as Scotland has become a key target for expansion with developers looking to capitalize on the burgeoning opportunities that have arisen over the past decade.

Scotland has experienced sustained growth in several staple industry sectors such as:

  • Tourism
  • Technology and Engineering
  • Finance and Financial Services
  • Aerospace
  • Life Science and Bio-Technology
  • Creative
  • Renewables

The resulting flow of personnel, visitors, and company relocations has caused the demand for land and high-quality sites to rise and continue to rise … finding suitable options for investors and developers has led us to launch Namaste Property.

Through our extensive network of contacts and our knowledge of the Scottish (?) property market, Namaste Property undertakes to identify viable, potential development sites for interested parties as buyers, falling within the broad outline described above.

Namaste Property undertakes to facilitate introductions to viable, potential development sites for buyers.

Namaste Property undertakes to act as agents for vendors of development sites, subject to agreed terms and conditions.

To find out more or to hold preliminary discussions to establish how we can best serve your needs, please contact us as below.