‘Namasté’ means “My spirit salutes your spirit”. It is an ancient Sanskrit greeting which recognises the bond that exists when individuals or groups meet and realise a common purpose, or goal, to be achieved. The word has varied translations, but at its core is a strong spiritual ethos which says, ‘ we are together’. Applied to the business world, The ‘Namasté’ Partnership says – “What can we do for you?”

Who are we

Namasté Partnership Ltd., was formed in January 2014, by Hamish Alldridge and Elaine Mackenzie Grossart, who both act as Directors of the Company.


What we do

Our wide network of associates and contacts, allows us to explore opportunities and make effective proposals to suit a wide range of client needs.


Where we work

We operate across Scotland and the United Kingdom with many international links.


How can we help you and your business?


Our Services

Through our policy of bringing close personal attention to individual client requirements, and our thorough appraisal of relevant details, we aim to develop a mutual trust and belief that will deliver results.

Some of our services include;

Conference organising

Event planning

Business facilitation and introduction

Market analysis

PR and Promotion

Political lobbying and analysis

Networking introductions

Personal Skill development

When you hear someone say “Namasté”, it tells you they are with you, and are there to listen and to help you. It tells you they believe that all things can be achieved with the right sense of purpose, with a positive mindset, and a collective will.

That is at the heart of our business. We believe in openness, honesty and integrity as the materials for success.